As-salamu alaikum!

Gerne möchten wir Euch auf folgende Veröffentlichung hinweisen:



„This is a rare piece of empirical research, which reveals the workings of a spiritual order, its leadership, as well as their approaches, methods and tools. It demonstrates how the seekers, who were partly drug addicts and HIV patients, and the general segment of this Order, have been able to positively transform themselves. A multidisciplinary approach enlightens the analysis and discussion by bringing together spirituality, psychology, neuroscience as well as organisational development, to produce a rich tapestry of first hand insights. This book provides an integrated approach to understanding the landscape of a spiritual order primarily using a mixed method and a holistic approach with a particular focus on Islam.  Qualitative examples include interpretivistic phenomenological approaches and neuro-linguistic programming. The book highlights the positive impact of worship by providing practical guidance and suggestions on how to spiritually improve oneself. This dualistic approach generated a working model for spiritual leadership and self-development. The unsuspecting but important link of spirituality to the United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) is highlighted and discussed, which needs to be factored into the global development narrative. The text is primarily for researchers, yet has a secondary use for students and general readership given the comprehensive review establishing a conceptual framework for worship and morality.“

Euer IASE Team